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While India’s outrage was blowing up for the innocent Asifa’s dreadful gang rape and horrible death, another shameful act engulfed the whole nation. An 8 year old has been raped and tortured brutally by cruel monsters and finally throttled to dead. Police got the body of this little one 10 days ago the crime had happened. Her body was found under the bushes near a cricket stadium in Pandesara area of Surat on April 6. Surat police told how she had been mutilated and caused pain. According to them she has got 86 injury marks on her body. An autopsy report claimed that her private parts were injured by some blunt object. It clearly seems that she was ruthlessly abused before getting murdered.
What has happened to people? These cruel beasts are just roaming around and we are busy in celebrating our own things. It’s just impossible to even imagine what an 8 year old or 11 year old had been gone through when they were in such a heinous situation. We believe that little children are God’s favorite because they are the most innocent beings on earth. Can we really believe this? Can we really justify this? I would want to ask God, where was He at that moment when these sufferings to ‘His favorites’ were going on?
Not just it ends here! There are 3 more cases that are still in the list and hasn’t got that much of our vision.
A 24 year old working woman who lives in Greater Noida was ganged raped by two youngsters on Yamuna- Expressway on Saturday evening.
Then on that very day, a 17 year old girl in Patna got gang raped by two men.
Again a 4 year old was raped by the neighbour in Balasore district Orissa.
Amidst of protests by celebs and common people against the culprits of Asifa, this new misfortune again shook the nation with extreme horror. Police is yet to discover the identity of the innocent victim and convicts of this barbarous act. What a shame it is for the whole nation!
Would we be able to ever come out of these vivacious acts? I don’t know what you feel but if you would ask me, I have lost all the positivity now!
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