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Oh Khichdi! You were missed so much. On behalf of every 90's kid, the eternity will be grateful to the producers who have listened to the urges.
90's was the wonderful time when kids enjoyed some fabulous shows on TV. Khichdi was one of the blockbusters that enjoyed audiences love starting from kids to our grandparents. Everyone loved the show and the great thing is, it was a clean comedy show. Kids from 90s are mad about the show and were desperately wanting the show to comeback again. Also, this was hightime that TV has something to offer which is not offensive and yet great comedy.
The show is till date so popular that we use phrases from the show like "How are? Khana khaake jaana" and remember when we annoy our friends by saying "Praful...dhuyng dhuyng".
In the memory of this fantastic show on Hotstar, we used to watch these amazing characters make conversation. The family is mad and the time you watch photos of them, you immediately get a smile, right?
In this revamped version, the characters bring out the same essence, just look at the pictures.
Praful and Hansa are the eternal couple:
Here is how 90's kids expressed their joy on Twitter to see 'Khichdi' back on TV:
The hilarious moments which the Twitteraties could not handle
Some were comparing the show with other shows on TV
Hopefully, this will not ruin our childhood, we had already had enough with bad shows on TV!
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