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Picture has become part of our life now as they tell a lot in just one photo. Since it is a visual medium, it needs to be aesthetic but there are many photos on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feed which makes you go what the hell is wrong with this photo? The answer to that is editing.
Editing photos are a lot of fun but when you overdo it, it can completely take out the essence of the story you are trying to tell. For basic DP or regular images, editing should be used to enhance the image not destroy it thoroughly. We all are not professional photographers and we can't afford one for every single picture, but know the quick fix and you will get an aesthetic and gorgeous picture.
Here is the list of things you should avoid while using editing tools:
1. Skin brightening feature can make your photo look fake
Yes, we all want to look our best when uploading picture on a social platform but that does not mean you go over board with the editing tool. With brightening feature what happens most of the time is, you completely look fake. Again, a big no or use it at the minimal level.
2. HDR effects for close-ups
For a portrait or close up shots, it is a big NO-NO. HDR effects work beautifully when it is used on landscape images but only when neatly done. For close up shots, it will either make your picture too bloomy or enhance all your pimples. Disaster alert!
3. Selective coloring is just last season
There was a time when selective coloring gave you more likes than other photos but not anymore. It is a critical feature and should be done with a purpose. Choosing a single color for a close up shot makes the picture look extremely unprofessional. If you have to do it, make sure it is doing justice to the rest of the picture but not recommended with basic editing tools.
4. Color saturation & vibrance
Well, if you are not a professional photographers and wee use mostly our smartphones to capture images. So, if your picture is looking a bit dull, you should not use saturation or vibrance feature to the maximum point. Maximising these effects will hamper the quality of the photo.
5. Manually blurring images
This looks absolutely unprofessional and just should avoid it. Instead, try using a phone which has a great camera and it will do the job for you. When you manually blur images, you cannot do it in a crisp manner.
Using every feature of your editing tool in your picture is not necessary. Do justice to your image and always remember less is more!
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