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The little nawab, Taimur, who has always seen as camera-friendly or we can say Paparazzi lover, is again going viral on social media altogether for a similar reason as before. Yes! Her momy has shared some of his cutest pictures on Instagram once again, which is forcing us to have at least a single look of this ‘little lovely lad’.
The pictures seem to be of his playing day out. He is wearing a perfect combo of blue tees with white self chinos and orange bright crocs. The pictures clearly tell the tale of his awesome day- fun dance in a good mood and the hand waving during his play time. His actions prove that he is no less than his talented parents and is definitely going to take their legacy forward.
Here are some of the pictures that are bubbling over his cuteness and exaggerating his quirkiness:
In one of the pictures, Taimur is waving his hand that shows that he is truly a camera lover and knows when to throw a pose. His lovely expressions make him the best photographed baby among all the star babies. Sometimes, he resembles his sexy mom, Kareena and the other moment his looks seem quite similar to his handsome dad, Saif. Both the parents are one of the smartest couples of Bollywood which obviously makes him super attractive.
Cutely waving to Paparazzi. A true Camera- lover!
His always smiling and happy face proves that he is a fun loving baby who loves to hang out. Along with that he never forgets to give a click to camera and a wave to Paparazzi. :)
Content Creator- Manila Sharma
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