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Face Serum can be another word for magic. It creates something that nothing can do. All the problems related to skin can have only one fair and square solution and that is Serum. It can undoubtedly do wonders for skin. Be it oily, dry, patched or pigmented skin, Serum is the only way out.
Skin can absorb serums easily and properly as they are lightweight and watery in nature. They go deep into the skin and right away diminish the skin issues from its root. It works quickly and effectively than other skincare products. They have a high amount of active ingredients that kills the bacteria which triggers infection in the skin. Many serums are thin and water- based solutions whereas others are thickly concentrated as they carry certain amount of oil in them.
There are different varieties that come for different skin types. These serums contain various ingredients which are effective only when they are used correctly. Here we explain the serums which can be applied on different skin kinds and issues:
1. For dry and dull skin
Serums containing Hyaluronic acid is best for dry skin while serums having lactic acid and glycolic acid set away the dullness and makes it brighter. It holds higher amount of water which helps in moisturizing the skin. You will begin to feel a change in your skin after using it twice or thrice.
2. Dark spotted and patched- skin
Serums containing Vitamin C are best to recover your skin for dark spots and pigmentation. The patches on your skin will vanish slowly because it helps to generate the collagen in the skin that would help in lighten the unwanted spots. The skin tone will ultimately become even with its regular usage.
3. For oily skin
Serums can also help in vanishing acnes which tend to pop up generally on oily skin. It becomes really irritating when they pain like hell. Serums having Salicylic acid and retinols are best for these skin types. They help to unclog the pores of the skin and make it breathe.
4. For skin aging
Peptides and Retinols are best for wrinkle prone skin. These serums help the skin cell to get revive faster and make your skin wrinkle free in no time.
Since the Serums are strong in nature, they should be used in a less amount at initial stages so that the skin get used to it slowly. Eventually, It’s can be used twice a day depending upon the amount. One small drop is enough for the whole face at once. Also, it should be used after cleansing or toning but should be used before moisturizing your skin. Some serums are especially for the overnight usage as they are reactive to the sun rays.
As you all know, every product does not suit our skin type. So it’s better to do a patch test before using Serums. Or one must consult a dermatologist first, if she has a sensitive skin. So to witness a pure freshness and luminous skin, go and get your type of serum.
#Staywise#StayBeautiful :)
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