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Time and again Shah Rukh Khan has mentioned how he looks up to his daughter Suhana for he feels she is “dainty” and the ‘softest person in the house’. In fact, more recently he even spoke about she being one of the most influential women in his life during his speech at the Crystal Award hosted by the World Economic forum. He said “I would like to thank my sister (Shehnaz Lalarukh Khan), my wife (Gauri Khan) and my little daughter (Suhana Khan) for bringing me up well and teaching me the value of requesting, sometimes imploring, and may I add, sometimes even begging a yes from a woman instead of forcing it upon her.” While the world is in awe of Shah Rukh for more reasons than one. We decided to celebrate this father-daughter pride by revisiting one of the most beautiful snaps of Suhana and SRK.
This throwback pic is from one of those days when little Suhana would frequently visit SRK on the sets of his film. Look how cutely she’s trying to style SRK’s hair in between shots. Shah Rukh would love having his kids around while he was shooting because that way he would get more time to spend with them and they too would get entertained watching their super daddy act. Only if the same could be possible even today but alas! Suhana is all grown up now with her own priorities to look out for. Here, check out the pic below:
In case you didn’t know, Suhana is also the one who helps Shah Rukh in using the right filter on Instagram for he had tweeted once saying, “When the lil one goes back to school & is not around to tell u, u use too many filters!” We wonder what would Shah Rukh do without Suhana! More love to the father-daughter…until they meet next time!
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