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Biopic played a special role in the Bollywood Industry but sometimes some biopic truly creates an excitement in the mindsets of the audience. Today we will discuss that why Akshay Kumar Gold movie is going to amaze us in every aspect. Here are the 4 core reasons to justify my statement:
The narration in the teaser is truly showcasing the true image of British-India & Independent India. The whole plot set in the 1946 and the story strongly holds the essence of that British regime and Indian Condition.
Akshay Kumar in sports movie – check, Akshay Kumar as a head coach and Hockey player – check, Akshay Kumar as a Bengali - Check. Like what else we can have in a single movie, the Khiladi of Bollywood truly nailed in the role of Bengali hockey player. Hope to see him more in the action.
The way teaser looks it truly defining that the Reema Kagti directed the movie very well and not only the direction but the cinematography looks perfect in each and every frame of the teaser. Hope this movie will bring us to post Independence era and is definitely going to push our mind to re-think about our national game Hockey.
Release Date:
As the teaser says releasing date is near the Independence Day and I guess this will be the best time to showcase the patriotic movie. On independence, many other filmmakers showcases different genre movies on independence but in the end, the way Akshay bringing his movie is definitely going to rock the industry.
Not only this but there various reasons why we are keeping an eagle eye on this flick of Khiladi of the Bollywood. Stay tuned to LOPSCOOP for more interesting updates.
And if you haven't watched the trailer yet then click on the TRAILER Enjoy.
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Author – Adnan Alam
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