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Almost everyone in this world love keeping pets. They are one of the precious things one can ever have because they relieve tension and always keep us in a good mood. I have a toy Pom (dog) whom I love more than anything. Jiggie, my ‘Jigar ka Tukda’, always makes me feel zealous and cheerful. The little cute gestures he makes is the spice of my life. Apart from an emotional aspect, I am crazy to buy him new things and I am sure every dog lover does so. So, if you want to dress him well and want to see him in different Avtars then here are some special clothes for your dog for some special occasions. They are easily available in pet stores and online too.
Here are some cute and mesmerizing dresses for your Lass and Lad (Bitch and Dog) which would make them look cuter and cooler than before. Let’s see which one you would choose for your ‘Love’.
1. Santa look
As Christmas is near so you would definitely thinking of buying a Santa dress for your ‘Jiggie’. Aren’t you? I think this would make him look the cutest.
2. Winter wear
Winters are getting colder day by day. I hope you take care of your dog especially if he’s new born. Look at the dress up for winters. You would love it!
3. Playtime wear
This one is really cute. Dogs love to play with their owners. So it’s your responsibility to dress them up cutely while taking them to play. I love the pocket on the backside on this dress. Really cute!
4. Picnic wear
I love to buy things for picnic. The perfect dress, shades, hat, shoes, a bag and so on. Along with that I would love to shop for my Love too. And I am falling for this lovely dress. Look at it, it’s amazing!
5. Party wear
Give your ‘Love’ an adorable look with this lovely cute looking dress. He will be the center of attraction for sure.
6. Sports look
This one is so cool. A sporty look that make him look like a perfect athlete. Try one for your Love!
7. Like Dad, Like son
Haha. So cute it is! This you can make at home. Stitch a cute looser for your dog from your shirt’s left over fabric. Then click and post your picture on social media. You would definitely gets lot of likes.
8. Nightwear
Time to sleep! A cute nightwear that make him look even cuter. Buy it today only.
9. Superhero looks
How can one forget this? Give him a feeling of having super powers buying him a super hero dress. He will look fab.
10. Office wear
This you can buy for him but only to click pictures because he is not gonna go to office. :D But surely, in spectacles he would look amazing.
Update and pamper you Love with these cute dresses. Buy the Santa dress today for the Christmas eve and make your Pup the centre of attraction for all. :)
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