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Brands play a vital role in our day to day life but have you ever wondered what the actual meaning of different brand names is? Today, we are going to shock you all after narrating the true meaning of different words. Some are originated from Latin word; some emerged from German words and so on. So be ready to get fascinated:
1) Nike
That’s why Nike director chooses this word & it is widely used in sports.
2) Fanta
It is a very unusual meaning but who cares! Drink Fanta and stay calm.
3) Samsung
Every word over here is very Powerful.
4) Hyundai
Not only the Korean society but in the whole world Hyundai brings out the modernity in different sectors, especially automobile.
5) Durex
Now you must realize why this condom brand is named likes this.
6) Lego
One of the most famous brands of toys which itself suggesting PLAY WELL
7) Volkswagen
Germany is considered as one of the pioneer manufacturers of automobile industry & this Volkswagen is named as people’s car.
8) Adidas
If you are still shocked then do share this that “All day I dream about sports” is wrong.
9) Nikon
Sometimes we never realize but use the brand product with full zest.
10) Nivea
Now you get it that why NIVEA is a beauty and cosmetic brand.
Do not forget to share these lesser-known facts about different brands. Stay tuned to LOPSCOOP for more informative updates.
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Author – Adnan Alam
Image Credit - Vikas Kakkar

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