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Disclaimer: The opinions set out in this article are author’s own and do not reflect the views of the organization.
In a country like India, there are many unmovable taboos or traditions that won’t be changed for the other 10 decades. This is because of the superstitions and blind faith that people posses. This negative attitude actually affects those who want a change from these tainted thoughts. Apparently, among some of the debased notions there are two are very “popular” ones; one is getting married at a right age and second is ought to have children after marriage. Both are compulsive jobs to survive (according to the society) and one has to behave according to what is desirable in the society.
The social obligations are so strong that it has tangled up the poor soul and feelings of a human being. He cannot choose to get rid of it rather, entangle himself more into this infected web. I don’t know where this write up would take me to, but I sincerely want to raise some serious issues today.
First of all, I just want to ask this so called ‘modern society’ about the interference it makes in other’s life. It wrenches the whole momentum of the person whom it has never even met before.
One has to get married at a certain age otherwise "LOG KYA KHENGE" is something that is indigestible. Whoever possesses this thought, sorry to say, I feel pity for you! And who are you to care about what others would say? Or perhaps it’s you who say or giggle about it? Hear me clearly! A 26 years old is mature enough to take his decision on any matter, so don’t throw your weight around. Let the person decide! And if he/she does not want to get married, then also it’s his personal choice. You can’t push him into any situation you like. Don’t forget, it’s his life, none of your business.
Further, I would talk about the women in Indian society who have continuously been the target in all aspects. From roadside rapes to marital rapes, a woman has wrecked up in every way. Who is the culprit? Of course the society! And, I am sorry to say but nowadays, a woman doesn’t support other woman. What an irony! Now tell me who is at fault? Why she can’t tread on the path of her own choice? Is she has no identity or heart of her own. Is she so disabled on mind that she has to follow what you people would say? No! She won’t do it. She is a human being like the man. She will do what she likes and no one will drag her, no one would stop her. Don’t dare to dominate her! Be a man, rather be a human first.
"Being Childless, A Choice"The second most defective norm which is posed onto a woman or even a married couple is to have babies. This issue is spreading like a compulsive disorder in society. This so- called mature and wise society thinks that a married couple is a machine that has to produce children. This is their prior job and that too should be done within 2- 3 years of their marriage. They cannot be late for that otherwise there would be this or that problem. Guys! First of all, it’s their choice whether they want babies or not. Being childless by choice is something that has to be respected. If a couple would feel the need of a child then they would plan for it or may adopt one. If you are so curious, then produce yours. Why to get excited for their babies? I think you people forget the fact that there are too many pressures both financially or bodily that sometimes don’t let them plan for an issue. But I know you people can’t help talking shit about it. Moreover, a person has a life and he knows what to do with it. God has imparted minds to everyone. Those who think that they have more refined minds, they can keep boasting, as this is something that we don’t care about.
Please open your minds to welcome new thoughts; otherwise today it’s me who is showing you your real self in mirror. It can be someone else tomorrow. Think about it!
The only purpose of this article is to propose independence of a human being who is still griped in Chains.
‘Live and Let Live’. This has become an utmost responsibility of Indian society. Wake up and feed your minds with the thought of independence and dignity.
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