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If anyone loves someone with full dedication then GOD grants him that “SOMEONE” for sure, same goes for every tea lover. When a CHAI LOVER wants a chai (special someone) with full zest he/she will get chai for sure. Let just bring out some of the top excuses that every chai lover loves to make to get chai. Let the fake excuses live long:
Excuse No.1
If you debate with anyone that it’s not necessary that tea kills a headache then be ready for the consequences.
Excuse No.2
For a chai lover medicines are like nothing, everything they want is chai-chai & chai.
Excuse No.3
Tea acts as the stress buster for these hard core true lovers.
Excuse No.4
Instead of thanking GOD for good weather, they need chai. WTF!
Excuse No.5
A Loud clap for those who made this lame excuse.
Excuse No.6
Chai & Sutta are like the KARAN ARJUN for many tea lovers.
Excuse No.7
A great weapon to kill your hunger for a short period, haven’t tried? Do try!
Excuse No.8
This is the epic dialogue, no matter what is going to happen they need chai.
Do share these illustrations and dialogues with your hardcore chai lover friend and lastly, let's do the most important work i.e.
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Author – Adnan Alam
Image Designer – Vikas kakkar.
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