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Today is World AIDS Day (Acquired immune deficiency syndrome), a day that is or ought to be celebrated as an attempt to eradicate this dangerous disease from the earth. Most of us know that it is caused by a virus HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus). Still there are regions all over the world that are surrounded by some taboos and misconceptions regarding this transferable disease. Some of the delusions are very common among people such as kissing an HIV infected person, hugging him, sharing food, coughing and sneezing by him, sharing toilet seats, etc. These are nothing but ignorance and unawareness regarding AIDS. People are not getting proper education about it, even in the urban regions and when they speak out such things and give these lame reasons, it actually boils my blood.
Above all, the worst and the most unfortunate thing that is generally heard of is when people related HIV AIDS to immorality, loose morals, sexuality and prostitution. However, the truth is that these all are not the only possible reasons to have HIV.
Apparently, through exploration and researches from various abstracts, here I gathered some of the weird myths and fallacies in regard to HIV AIDS. Let’s check out, what are these:
1. MYTH: Most of the people have a false notion that HIV can’t be transmitted through oral sex.
Truth: The chances of transmitting HIV through oral sex increases when your partner has open sores on genitals or bleeding gums in the mouth. There is an exchanging of body fluids like vaginal fluids, semen, etc. that can be harmful. Also, oral sex is dangerous during menstruation if she is an HIV.
2. MYTH: Being both HIV positive patients, there is no need to use precautions during intercourse.
Truth: Using no precaution at the time of making out is more dangerous for both the HIV partners. This would lead to reinfection. Having sex with the partner can cause both with different strains of HIV infections that could be risky to another level.
3. MYTH: Loose morals or Homosexuality causes HIV
Truth: In many African regions, it feels bad to hear that they treat HIV patients with disgrace. The people who are infected with HIV they are considered as having loose morals or indulged in homosexuality. They are even badly treated and sometimes expelled out of the community. But they don’t understand the fact that HIV can be infected through other things too.
4. MYTH: HIV positive pregnant women pass the disease on their babies
Truth: Studies have found that the mothers who are at the lower level of virus have less chance of passing the disease onto their newborns. Also, a drug therapy during pregnancy can be a good treatment which again depletes the chance of the baby getting infected.
5. MYTH: HIV cannot affect certain age groups
Truth: We have mostly heard people saying that they are above 50 or he/she is too young to have HIV. Even the people above 50 are getting infected at an increased rate. This is actually a wrong notion because they don’t consider the other reasons to get infected from HIV or the reality is that they are uneducated and ignorant to this.
6. MYTH: ‘Virgin Cure’ can treat HIV
Truth: Having sex with virgins cures AIDS. This is known as ‘Virgin Cure’ in Congo and Sub-Saharan Africa region. This is really disgusting and a pitiable taboo that has been still continuing in that part of the world. Really Annoying!
7. MYTH: Having intercourse with animals can cure AIDS
Truth: Another sickening delusion is that having sex with animals will not only cure AIDS but also eradicate this disease from our lives. Such a stomach- churning and revolting misconception!
8. MYTH: Just a check up from doctor can detect whether someone has HIV or not
Truth: Some people have a blind belief on their family doctor. They think that a mere check up and symptoms detect whether one is HIV positive or not. But the reality is that there are certain tests that detect this dangerous disease. Even after the test, one needs to wait for 2 or 3 weeks and take up another test to assure the infection.
Just a simple advice from my side on this World AIDS Day: Never indulge in these stupid superstitions and misconceptions because these can only increase the level of this killer disease in humans. Please educate yourself and even others around you so that someday we can win over such dreads on earth.
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