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Guys who are in their 18 feel that it is the time when they need some space to live free and enjoy every bit of life, however in an Indian family, things are that easy. The reason is that sh*t like Log Kya Kahenge comes in between and this sh*t doesn’t allow them to do things. To let you know more about it and how things are like for guys in 18, today we decided to share with you few things that guys in their 18 have to go through.
Let's check out how much they have to adjust in their 18.
They complete their higher education and they feel that the best way to give the whole journey a farewell is by going on a trip with their friends, however, they are not allowed for the same by parents.
They want to stay fit and work on their body, however, they get reason like this is not the right time to hit the gym at the age of 18 by their parents.
They feel that it is the right time to look stylish but as per their father, growing hairs will make them look messy.
The only way to enjoy is to spend time with friends and party for guys in their 18 but they are not allowed for the same because father feels this is not the right way to enjoy. “As nights are meant to sleep”. Period.
Guys in their 18 want to get inked and there is nothing wrong with it, however, they are not allowed for the same by their parents as it makes them look 'Awara' or in simple words flashy.
They know that what qualities they have and what can make them different from the crowd but they are not allowed to follow their passion because Sharma Ji Ka Ladka is an engineer.
The only liberty guys in 18 want from life is to give them a bit of space to enjoy their quality time with their girlfriends but they are unable to do. As Gupta Aunty is always on a lookout for such guys.
Guys can learn a lot by spending alone time, however, they are not allowed because parents think the other way, that they will become irresponsible.
This is a fact that personal vehicle is something that can make things a bit easy for them in terms of travelling to school, college or tuitions. But parents don’t allow because they think it's not safe even if the license is issued.
Let us know in the comments section what struggles you faced while you were in 18.
Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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