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There are various times when you suddenly feel the déjà vu but there are times when you really see the future links in the present. Today, we are going to discuss some really strange and weird facts about a cartoon series named as “The Simpsons”- America’s longest-running cartoon series and the most mysterious one to. This cartoon series has made various predictions time and again. Yes we can call that a purely coincidence but how many times coincidence can takes place?
So today’s story is an open-ended story as we are not saying what is right and what is wrong. We are just showing something and want you all to think wisely before choosing anything.
7 Future depictions by Simpsons cartoon series.
9/11 Attack
We can clearly see the magazine over here which is showing the indirect information about the New York 9/11 attack. This means that it might be a preplanned attack or maybe not???????
EVM frauds
This particular episode showed that in OBAMA election American people will face the EVM fraud problem and after some years this problem actually took place.
Inception of Robin character
We always think that DC comic created the Robin character but it is totally wrong because in 1997 Simpson first showed the character of Robin.
What is Ebola Virus?
Many scientists claim that each day human creates uncountable diseases whereas the picture above is an episode made in 1990-1995 in which George suffering from stomachaches and her mom tells him this story. Strange! Ebola came in existence after 2010.
Farm Ville
The most popular game on Facebook is not at all an original one because in 1998 Simpsons already showed a similar kind of game in their episode.
Trump after election
The cartoon in the right is created before the original footage. The body language is entirely same. How it can be possible?
2016 US elections
An evil character standing in front of the American flag and coincidentally the map is purely identical to the final after voting map. Lie or coincidence?
Apart from that, there are many other incidents like video chat, GMO food and many other which Simpsons showed before they actually took place. Never take anything in an easy way just imagine why is it happening? Just like our Mobile phones, are we really up to date?

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Author – Adnan Alam
Image credit – Vikas Kakkar
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