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Before going to start any debate, let just wish a very happy birthday to none other than KING of Bollywood Mr. Shahrukh Khan. Today he’s going to celebrate his 52nd birthday and we pray for his bright future. So on his birthday, let just discuss 5 core reasons that truly proves that he is the one and only KING in Bollywood. So here we are presenting 5 reasons that prove that he is the true BADSHAH!
A Man Without A Godfather:
He started his career with just a small TV commercial “FAUJI” but after that, this dark horse proves that he is the true king of romance and Bollywood.
Pure Business Minded:
According to many magazines, he is among the richest celebs around the Globe, not only this he is a true business minded personality having so many businesses apart from his acting skills.
Popularity AF:
Not only limited to India, this star has a marvelous fan following in the whole world. Dubai considered him as his brand ambassador not only this London and many other states always invite him as a guest of honor. Pure this popularity always remain the same.
Hardworking Individual:
When it comes to working style this khan of Bollywood is very hard working and despite many diseases, he always arrives early for the shoot and that hard work easily be watched in his movies.
Versatile Actor:
Shahrukh proves his great acting skills many times. He almost plays every role in his movie career. In the upcoming movie of Anand L Rai, he will going to be a dwarf. Hope his versatility increased with each passing year.
Hope he lives more healthy and happy life. Wishing him again: Happy birthday SRK sir. A message from team LOPSCOOP.
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Author – Adnan Alam
Image Credits – Vikas Kakkar
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