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With time things are changing and new companies are being introduced. However, there are few brands that have made their mark across the world. These companies dominate the global world and people love to use their services. These brands have few unknown facts that very few people know. To reveal those facts today we decided to share unknown facts about famous brands.
Here is the list of unknown facts about famous companies.
#1) Do you know why the theme of facebook is blue?
#2) Do you know why starbucks have round tables?
#3) Do you know this about weird tradition rule of Amazon?
#4) Do you know what the name of search engine ‘Google’ was when it was founded?
#5) Do you know who founded the company Pepe Jeans?
Like, comment and share these interesting unknown facts about famous companies.
Author - Amit Singh
Designed by - Vikas Kakkar
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