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Diwali is celebrated because on this epic day Lord Ram not only killed the Ravana but also killed the evil spirit which stays in the core depth of Human. But in the present scenario, we all have just stopped thinking about others. Today, let’s just discuss about what to keep in the mind while making the shopping list for Diwali. Let’s just pledge that this Diwali we would try not only to make a shopping list but an emotion list. So, here are some of the things which one should place on the top of his shopping list.
Whenever you go for a shopping just have look around and find some hungry people who are seriously starving. Do help them. Before buying any food product, provide some food to poor people.
At the time of buying “Rangoli colors” just feel the sadness of those who spend their whole Diwali in selling colours to others whereas, the truth is that their own life is colourless. Help them!
We always buy flowers mostly from a roadside florist who does not even have proper light around him. This Diwali try to extract out the darkness and bring some light to their lives.
In the market just look around and find how many kids are roaming without having proper clothes. In this pure festival let’s just erase as many sorrows as possible and try to bring happiness to their lives.
In this fake world, we hardly find true love and care from others. But this Diwali, stop thinking about everyone rather you must try to vanish all the hatred from your heart. Shower love on your family, friends and especially your mother and father.
Conclude: I know that all the points sound quite weird related to SHOPPING LIST. But this DIWALI before writing the important items you want to buy, do write “what kind of humanity we can buy or earn this Diwali”.
Don’t use crackers & Make this Diwali memorable with some good deeds.
Stay Tuned To Happiness, stay tuned to LOPSCOOP.
Author – Adnan Alam
Image Designer – Vikas Kakkar
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