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The biggest risk in the whole world is not taking any risk. There are various professions out of which some are dangerous that risk one’s life every time they work. Let’s just discuss some of the life risking jobs that challenge the workers’ life:
1) Lion Tamer
Audiences think of it as a game but the reality is that the one who control the lion has to spend alone time with that ferocious animal and gain its trust. But as we all know that animal is animal & sometimes lion can harm or even eat the trainer very easily.
2) Skyscraper Glass Window Cleaner
Tall buildings with lots of shining glasses look amazing but did you ever imagine that how these glasses are always clean? There are certain people who clean those glasses by hanging through a rope. Quite scary I guess!
3) Helicopter Cable Worker
There is no another way to repair the high tension wire. These workers had to do this work with the help of Helicopter and while repairing they have to wear special conductive clothing with linen that makes them to work on high voltage lines.
4) Alligator Fighter
It’s a well known game and coincidentally a legal game in many countries. In the fight with alligator, player has to put his head in the mouth of alligator for some seconds to win the fight.
5) Mine Worker
From the inception of coal industry it’s considered as one of the most difficult job because collapsing of rocks kills many workers and sometimes the toxic gases kill them.
6) Target Girls
In many circus shows you might have seen the ever smiling girls who used as object in knife and target game but this game is more dangerous what actually its look like.
7) Landmine Removers
Army have their particular squad to detect the mine but apart from that sometimes police and other authorities hire some workers to detect mines which is quite dangerous for common people.
There are many other professions that play with human lives. Stay tuned to LOPSCOOP for more updates.
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