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On 15 August 2017 India will celebrate its 71st Independence Day. But in reality, do we really are Independent citizens? Do we really enjoy and feel the free air in our India? Do we really get the equal rights in each sector? Do we have really got over the male and female equality? Do we?
Today, we will going to talk about one of the pioneer sector of our country which always raise our Indian flag up. Yes! We are going to talk about the female players’ conditions in Sports in this 70 years old Incredible India. Here, we will raise some very serious issues that will definitely throw light in the dark room and help us to re-think about Sports’ authorities in different fields. Let’s face some UN miserable problems and great player’s verdict:
Issue – “Official’s behavior”
It’s really hard to believe that Indian female players of different field of sports face sexual harassment in the hands of the officials. Not only Sona Chaudhary, many other female players from different states have complained about being harassed badly. Many female athletes have committed suicide due to this reason. Apart from that, the corruption level is so high among the sports authorities that players don’t get anything but have to sign all the forms for raising funds. This is the true picture of our Independent India, I guess.
Issue – “Society”
As you can read some ugly words from our Olympic medalist Mary Kom, in this independent India, can we expect this type cheap and horrifying incident? Not only with the sports players of our country, these type of incidents takes place daily with some common woman. But there is no one who can answer her queries. That’s the reason why it is happening. Yet we feel proud and independent citizens of India. Here, the question arises that where is the freedom of a woman, what kind of freedom a small young girl enjoys, what are the rights of a newly born girl? Why always our society says “boys and girls are equal”? Why we have to explain this thing every time, why?
Issue – “Family”
The growth of a child begins from his/her house and if the family members do not give proper support, what one can do in his life? Heena Sidhu, an International level shooter states that the society had pressurized her parents due to which the situation for her became chaotic. This actually means that even after 70 years of independence, many orthodox people even don’t have their independent thoughts and plans for their daughter child which clearly depicts that even today our mindsets are slaves to conservativeness.
Issue – “Only Cricket lover country”
Saina Nehwal stated that it’s really hard to play any different sport in the country like India and for women the task becomes harder. Can we appeal the authorities and people that can give a single chance to women to prove them? Why we always underestimate them? Why?
In the end, I would like to conclude that it is not the end it’s just a beginning. The issues are endless and the problems are infinite. So, how we can say that after these independent 70 years, are we really independent? Are we? Think twice and answer yourself.
Happy Independence Day!
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Author – Adnan Alam
Image Designed – Vikas Kakkar
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