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You might consider yourself a good chef or a kitchen king/queen. But there are times when you get irritated while cooking food or cutting vegetables. Specially, when you are in hurry and nothing goes right. You just need to do it in a right way but couldn’t and eventually, you end messing up everything. I hope you all are relating to what I am talking about. Don’t worry, here we have an option for you that’ll make your life much easier, save your time, retain your food quality and keep you healthy at the same time too.
Follow these genius kitchen hacks and be an expert chef.
1. Peeling off Boiled Eggs
Now you can easily peel off the eggs without doing any hard word. Add some vinegar or soda into the water while boiling the eggs. These substances are soaked by the egg shell that makes them far softer after an egg gets boiled. The outer shell can be now easily peeled off in no time.
2. Cut onion without tears
The worst thing about cutting onions is that it causes irritation to the eyes resulting tears in them. The best method to get rid of the tears is to refrigerate the onions for about 30 minutes before chopping them. Trust me! It works. When you’ll chop the chilled onions, it won’t cause burning sensation to your eyes. But remember one thing- if you are making salad, never use this method. This is only valid when you have to cook the onions.
3. Removing seeds from vegetables
Whenever you cut vegetables like pumpkins, you always stuck in removing the seeds out of it. This consumes so much time. To make it more quickly, you just need an ice-cream scoop. The sharp edges of the scoop perfectly remove the seeds out of the vegetable making it easier for you cut and cook.
4. Slide off the peel of boiled Potatoes
Boiling potatoes and immediately peeling them off is a tough job. The fingers get burnt while holding the hot boiled potato and sliding off its peel. Making it easier, just keep the boiled potatoes immediately into the icy- cold water for 2-3 minutes. Then slide it off easily without getting of hands burnt.
5. Warming up your delicious pizza
You must have experienced the problem of warming up your pizza or other baked items. Obviously when your pizza gets delivered, it is not as hot and fresh as it tastes when it is just prepared and when you warm up in an oven or microwave, it loses it actual flavor and crispiness. The best way to retain its original exotica, just keep a glass of water in the microwave along with your pizza and then warm it. The water will absorb the whole moisture inside which results in retaining the flavor as well as form of your Pizza.
6. Prevent apples from turning black
Once you cut the apples, within 4-5 minutes it starts turning brown or black. To prevent this, you just need to put the cut apples into acidic water. You can do this by adding lemon or vinegar into water and dip the slices of apple into it. This will preserve the natural color of the apple.
7. Remove excessive fat from food
While cooking a dish, sometimes we feel that we have put butter or oil in a large quantity. This makes you dish fatty and less healthy. Now to remove this excessive fat and make it healthier, you need few cubes of ice and some paper napkins. Wrap the ice-cubes in the paper towel and skim it over the top of the food. The ice will act as a magnet and will absorb the whole oil and fat making it healthy and tasty.
8. Prevent boiling over the pan
Most of the times, when we boil pasta or macaroni, the water boils over and over-brim from the pan. To prevent this, place a wooden spoon over the pan to ensure the water doesn’t boil over and comes out. It really works. Do try!
These are some of the best ways to become kitchen genius. And the best part is that it would make your life much easier cutting down your time and problems.
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