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Our human body is a mechanical device and a chemistry set that has so many secrets kept inside it. When we ask people how much they are familiar about their own body, they’ll say, “little the back of their hand” which means that they quite know their body from top to bottom. But have you ever imagine how much do we actually know about our body? What is actually going on inside us? No? Don’t worry! We’ll help you out.
Here are some of the facts that’ll prove how little you might know about yourself.
1. Kissing fights cavity
Kissing is considered as a natural mouth cleansing process. While kissing, there is an increase in the saliva flow that helps to prevent tooth decay and cavities.
No one to kiss? Don’t worry! You still have an option. Chew sugarless gum to increase the flow of saliva. :D
2. Cold Bedroom = Bad Dreams
It has been claimed that the cold bedroom cause nightmares. The colder your bedroom is the more likely you’ll have bad dreams. The coldness makes you feel uncomfortable and eventually pushes you further for abnormal sleep. Hence, chances of having bad dreams.
Hot weather? Just adjust the temperature of the air conditioner to normal, otherwise, Shhhh! someone might come behind you. :D
3. Emotional tears and Humans
Science has claimed that humans are the only creatures who produce tears for emotional reasons. So, yes guys, we human beings are the only ones who have lots of emotions and those emotions are released through tears.
Surprised? Me too! I thought my dog literally cries when he misses me. :O
4. Human organ and tennis court
Human lung surface area is claimed to be equal to that of a tennis court. Surprisingly, it’s true. We could never been known about it before reading this. A human adult probably has about 300 million bronchi that could cover an area of around 180m2. A tennis court has an area of 195, 63 m2.
So next time while playing tennis, don’t forget to recall this fact. ;)
5. Mole mystery
How many moles do you have on your body? You must have felt disgusted having lot of moles on the body. Ain’t you? Even there are some people who go through a surgery to remove moles from their body. But let me tell you guys that the more moles you are having on your body, the longer to live. Yeah!
So, if you are having the ugly moles sprinkled over the whole body. Don’t try to remove them. Otherwise you will cut your life short. :D
6. Who is the better smeller?
Research has proved that male and female generally differ in their perceptual power of smelling. Women’s power to smell is stronger than men due to more brain cells that they possess. They have keener senses of smell that men do.
I think that’s the reason why the husbands get caught red handed when wives use their power of smell to sense ladies’ perfume on their husband’s shirt. :D
7. 1 inch taller in the morning
Interesting one! How about this, when someone tells you that you are 1 inch taller in the morning than in the evening? That’s again an amazing fact. The reason behind this is that during the day the cartilage in our knees and other joints in the body get contracted due to body movements while working. At night, while sleeping, it again regains its position and makes you an inch longer in the morning.
So girls, you should check your actual height in the early morning and tell your would be in- laws. :D
8. Human saliva and swimming pool
This one is surprising too. What an amazing fact! During lifetime you can produce enough saliva to fill 2 swimming pools. Wow! I can never imagine this.
But, wait! Who would like to dive and swim into that swimming pool. Eww! :O
9. World’s youngest parents
Apparently, the world’s youngest parents were 8 and 9 years old girl and a boy who lived in China in 1910. Oh, Shocking! But how come? Ummm!!
Whatever the case is, Kids in China must be in love with this tradition, I guess! :P
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