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Indian weddings are one of the most awaited as well as recurring events to witness. It is always a great fun attending these occasions. Normally, the wedding events last for at least five to six days and then comes the big day of wedding when people are at their best. Be it their outfits, their hairstyles, their accessories, everything is just amazingly beautiful.
But the most awaited part of the Indian wedding is undoubtedly, rolling on the dance floor. This dance floor becomes a live dance reality show for the audience at the wedding. No one can get bored of watching the funny creatures on the floor who dance madly until they stumble upon anyone.
Here we will help you recalling some of the funny people you must have banged into at the Indian wedding dance floors
1. The Sharabis
These are the ones who just need a glass full of drink while dancing. They spill drinks on others and even on the floor that makes it so sticky. They are in their funniest avatar when they keep their glass on the head, close their eyes, keep other hand on their waist and dance in a hilarious way.
2. Aao ji, Aao ji dancers
These are the perfect mob pullers who take others on the dance floor (who are actually uninterested to dance) by pulling them time and again. They even force those people to dance whom they don’t know at all. Sometimes, these are ‘Door k Rishtedar’ but act as if they are the close ones.
3. Badshah of the floor
These are all those people who think they are the dancing king/queen. They occupy each and every corner of the floor which makes others difficult to even step up. And if by chance, it’s their favorite song then they might crash the whole floor with their latke jhtke.
4. Dance floor as Bistar
If this man is on the floor, someone is going to hurt badly. He just lies down and moves every part of his body with full enthusiasm. It seems as if he is tired off standing but isn’t tired of dancing. That’s why he lies down to take some rest and enjoy dancing too. Both the tasks are accomplished this way.
5. The Camera freaks
This is mostly the groom’s or bride’s sister or brother. He/she just search for the video or the still cameras. On the dance floor, he/she just wants to be the main focus. The position changes with the change in the camera man’s position. Some of them are so funny that they make stupid faces in front of camera while dancing or speak out wrong lyrics of the song which is being played on the floor.
6. Dance India Dance contestants
These are mainly the small kids, teen age girls or boys who imitate exactly same steps as that of the real song of the movie. These types of wedding occasions are the best chance for them to show their so- called dancing talents. Sometimes, their parents force them to show their dance to others and they are the only ones who clap and cheer for their children. Others are like- ‘Kis bat ki sza de rhe ho bhai.
7. Slow dancers
Among all, there are some slow dancers on the dance floor who only wave their one hand up in the air as they don’t know what else to do. They are always offbeat while dancing. The whole rhythm is broken because of them and no one is interested to dance as they are unable to match up with others. These types are considered as ‘not so cool’ for the dance floors.
8. Rail Gaadi makers
These are present at every Indian wedding. The song ‘Saadi Rail Gaddi Aayi’ is a must song on the dance floor. These people make a long community of their own. They even include the uninterested ones. Gathering so many people on the floor, making a train like structure, they run around every corner of the wedding hall. Sometimes, the train get scattered in the middle or sometimes new people join the train in the middle of the way. Really funny!
9. Maan na maan, main tera mehmaan
These are the ones who dances with everyone but no one know who they are. They are some unknown personalities who pass smiles to everyone, and dance with them as they are their ‘Saghe rishtedar’.
10. Nagin Dance experts
Here is the unique personality that steals all the focus at the Indian wedding. When he is dancing nobody resists looking at him. The bride and groom are out of focus for a while. He dances like the real Naag, imitating the similar gestures and giving an awful look to everyone on the dance floor. The others, specially the girls, run away immediately after they start off with Nagin dance.
So next time, whenever you get a chance to attend Indian wedding, be attentive about these funny creatures on the dance floor as they might stumble upon you while dancing. But don’t worry; you would definitely enjoy watching them, for sure. They’ll be the real fun.
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