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And she is back! We all have a love hate relation with pop sensation – Dhinchak Pooja! You must be living under a rock if you have not slammed Pooja for giving us so many hits! She took the internet by a blizzard when she told that like most of us, she has no melodic talent, but she never shies away from it. Her 'cringe-pop' is perhaps the weird-est thing you'll hear, second only to the fact that she is a ‘celebrity’ because of Aam Aadmi like us. Now, lately, all her videos were taken off the internet because of an exclusive rights claim.
Stop me if you can!
But then she released a new video just like a bomb. And while we've come to accept her mystifying survival, can we please talk about WHY SHE DIDN’T APPEAR IN HER OWN SONG? Given the fact the girl is literally in love with selfies, cars and herself. This is all very confusing. No, really, have a look:
And poor Pooja is combating the institution with each shitty song. She's lost this one though. YAAAAAAAY.
This is very possible.
Probably true, TBH.
Sources tell us that she's drowning her sorrows in good music.
The new video is devoid of her personal charm, it is all about the imagery and the cash – and the lyrics. Pooja you are missed!
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