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Ask any single girl what she will for in a guy. I bet you that a tall heighted man would be his first priority. Being a girl, I get it. A tall guy will not only looks hot and handsome but also cuddle you with love and would make you feel like being more secure in his arms. He will reach to the big jar on the top of the shelf or hang curtains and do other things that you won’t be able to do.
A psychological study claims that women with taller husbands are happier. The greater the height difference between husband and wife, the higher will be the all over happiness level of wife. Sound interesting. Isn’t it? I’m sure after reading this; girls are definitely going to search for taller guys as their life partners. But before you do this, let me make you focus on some of the realities about living with a tall guy.
Pen down the actualities about what being with a tall guy is really like-
1. Uneven pictures
While taking selfie, it might be a possibility that either his picture will be trimmed or yours. That’s a fact. If you will take a picture, your guy’s picture will definitely be trimmed as you will focus on yourself and when he’ll try to take a picture, probably only your face will appear in the photograph.
2. Listening Music together
Again the height problem! Listening music on your cell phone using earphones is a blunder you are making, if your boyfriend is taller than you. You can’t walk together if both o you are using the same headphones. Either he has to bend down or you have to heal up for not being disconnected to music. One will turn the head and the headphones will be pulled down from other’s ear.
3. Can’t enjoy pool together
Really! Swimming together will be no longer a fun for you guys. The deepest water for you won’t be the same for your guys as he is (unfortunately) taller than you. So, you need to drop this romantic idea.
4. Hanging Mirror
It’s not at all best to trust him to hang things according to his choice. What if, you wake up late in the morning, getting ready for office in hurry and suddenly you notice that you are unable to reach the mirror. What the Heck! How would you know you are looking like? Big Problem!
5. Romantic Rains
Just Imagine! Rain, Love and Romance, So Cute! But the reality is that walking in the rain won’t probably be so romantic. Your tall guy will again adjust the umbrella according to his height, hence; your clothes will partially become wet. And if in case you will pull the umbrella, he won’t only get wet but, it can hurt him badly.
6. Walking with him
Walking together will be like running a marathon. Seriously! The reason behing this is that a tall person has long longs so he always takes bigger steps. So, you will feel like you are running for something rather walking comfortably.
I think it may have disappointed you. Don’t worry!
After talking about the difficulties, let me tell you the advantages of being with your tall handsome hunk that might make you a bit comfortable.
# Selfies
We talked about taking a selfie before. Don’t worry girls. This won’t make you guys trimmed in the photograph. In fact, you will get the opportunity to be in the front always while taking clicking pics.
VIP seat
Now, going to a concert and enjoying it won’t be difficult when you have a tall guy with you. You’ll always have a VIP seat on the concert and that will be- Your boyfriend’s shoulder. ;)
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