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As soon as the clock bangs on 10 or 11 pm, people start winding up their things and get themselves ready for the other time-slot. Some are eager for sound asleep while others, instead of being badly exhausted, tempts for other things- watching either late night movies or some interesting series. Furthermore, some people also get engaged in their annoying office work that completely wrenches them.
Amongst all, there is one thing common and that is the habit of munching late night snacks. Not just the plain one’s but delicious snacks that satisfy their appetite as well as taste buds. They always need mouth watering items that add a flavor to their task. The mid-night snack brain craves for the yummies like glob of chocolate cake that can be satisfying but won’t be healthy instead. Similarly, one does a lot of nutritional damage by eating the spicy and high fat items like Burgers, Pizzas, Cheesy Sandwiches and Sugary items that can pile up body weight and at the same time it harms the digestion.
What if I say, there are some more delicious and tempting items that will not only satiate the ‘Nocturnals’ but also will remain light to stomach? Sure! Here are some luscious late night snacks that will drift you from the unhealthy high calorie items.
1. Cream filled strawberries
If you are possessive about the low calorie snack but you are unable to find something tempting then you should try this cream filled strawberries. It’s substantial enough to satisfy your mid- night cravings. All you need to do is to fill strawberry banana yoghurt cream into tangy-sweet strawberries. You can also eat it by directly dipping the strawberries into the yummy cream. It will set you back by 145 calories.
2. Dough ball cookies
Stay away from the high calorie candies and chocolate cookies and give your taste buds an exotic taste of low calorie cookies. It is made with almond and chocolate. This will be the best way to contend yourself at mid-night especially when you crave for some sugary stuff. Make it before hand and freeze it for at least for 2 hours to make it more tempting.
3. Stove top Popcorn without butter
Instead of munching spicy chips which are not at all healthy for you, try stove top popcorns. Make sure it should be without butter. Some dash of chili pepper flakes, oreganos can also add to its flavor. You can also add some low calorie cheese which might serve as a substitute for your buttery taste.
4. Healthy Shakes
You can make any fruit shake like strawberry, vanilla or banana. But you need to make sure to make it in almond milk or any other low fat milk. This will definitely be a low calorie shake that won’t make you to put on. In fact, it’s good to have milk or milky shakes during night. It not only satisfies your hunger but also your cravings for tasty and good looking drinks.
5. Healthy quesadillas
Quesadillas are tasty snacks that can easily be made. But beware! Don’t make quesadillas so cheese-filled. Despite, make it with hummus and pita bread which will act healthier than quesadillas made with cheese and tortilla. Prepare the ingredients (hummus and veggies) before hand so that it won’t take you long for the night- prep.
6. Fruit Popsicle
This is indeed a boon for summer nights. The frozen fruit popsicles are so easy that a child can also make it. All you have to do is to cut some fruits of your choice and put them into the popsicles moulds which are easily available in the market. Insert the fruits into the mould, pour some sugary water and close the mould with the cap stick. Freeze it for around 3 hours. You can also take small bamboo skewers and a normal glass to make your Popsicle.
7. High fiber cereals and milk
This is one of the healthiest snacks to eat anytime you want. Making it, is everyone’s cup of tea. You just need to take high fiber cereals, a cup of milk, preferably non-dairy and unsweetened milk, mix the well. To make it yummier, you can add fresh fruit into it. It’s obviously a low calorie item and would definitely make your mid-night special.
8. Dreamy night-time drink
Forget drinking late night plain coffees that rise up lot of calories in your body. In fact, having it frequently harms your internal system. In replacement to that try the delicious Dreamy night- time drink that will actually take you to the world of dreams. All you need to do is to mix little honey and cinnamon in almond milk and blend it properly as to give it foam- like appearance. You can also add Vanilla essence for a lovely flavor.
9. Sweat and spicy roasted chickpea
One more substitute to the unhealthy chips is the sweet and spicy chickpeas. To convert the white chickpeas into a delicious mid- night snack, roast them in brown sugar and other common spices like black pepper, chili powder and salt. You can also add garlic powder to add a great flavor to this item. Enjoy munching it while watching movies.
10. Frozen chocolate banana bites
Here is another one coming- the delectable frozen banana bites. I don’t think that anyone can skip this one. This is straight away going to your mid-night snack list. What tempting snack it is! You just need to cut crosswise the ripe banana into four parts. Heat and melt some low- calorie chocolate chip and pour into a glass. Insert half of the small bamboo skewers into the banana and dip into the melted chocolate. Sprinkle some colorful sugar toppings and immediately put it into the freezer. Keep it there for at least 2 days. Enjoy it as a mid-night desert.
So, next time when you think of eating junks, try these mouth-watering low calorie mid- night snack and add them into your bucket list. They are the perfect treat to eat in a leisure time or while working.
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