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Sweat corn is one of the common vegetables all over the world. Children as well as adults both love to eat corns as a snack because of its sweat flavor. Other than its delicious nature it also helps in regulate and heal many diseases like skin problems, eye as well as ear problems and is even beneficial in pregnancy. Other than that, munching fresh corn is always fun and almost everyone tempts for it.
But have you ever noticed that the Corn Silk (hair- like fibers that we usually throw in bins) can benefit you in amazing ways and keep you healthy from the dreadful diseases? Sounds incredible! Corn Silk is actually procured for usage and it. It is consumed in the form of tea which can be prepared with fresh corn silk, lemon, water and honey. This tea is beneficial for various health diseases.
Here are some of the notable benefits of Corn Silk that will help you to stay healthy and maintained.
1. Kidney stones
Kidney stones are made up of small calculus that sometimes causes so much pain and fever. A person having kidney stones also experiences irritation and bleeding while passing urine. Usage of corn silk can increase the urine flow and gradually resists irritation and pain as it helps to dissolve the sediment deposited in kidney.
2. Fights Bad Cholesterol
Bed cholesterol in bloodstream can be very harmful to us. It can certainly lead to the cardiac arrest and can be proved really dangerous to one’s life. Corn silk helps to fight the bad cholesterol by reducing its level in the blood that helps in non-blockage in the heart veins.
3. Obesity
Obesity itself is a big problem that leads to so many other dangers in the body. Obesity is not only caused by eating junks but also due to water retention and toxic substances that are accumulated in the body. One can evade weight gain by consuming corn silk in tea form regularly.
4. Heals skin pigmentation
Some people are affected from Vitiligo, a skin disease in which white patches of skin appear on the different body parts. It is difficult to cure through medication. But it’s actually curable to some extent with Corn silk that acts as a natural medicine. A number of studies have shown that the consumption of corn silk helps in reducing the level of skin pigmentation disease to a great extent.
5. Bed wetting
Corn Silk is safe and mild herb that helps in urine infection and bed wetting problems. It soothes and strengthen the urinary system and helping in reducing the frequency of wetting the bed at the middle of the night. This problem mostly exists among children and old age people. A cup of tea made of corn silk while sleeping is quite useful to reduce the level of this problem.
6. Facilitates Blood Clotting
Blood clotting is important to immune ourselves from various injurious. Corn Silk contains Vitamin K that helps in blood clotting. This prevents one from excessive blood loss when one experience accidents that causes injuries.
7. Source of Vitamin C
As we all know how important and useful Vitamin C is for the human body. It obviously strengthens our body and boosts our immunity system from various diseases. So, Corn silk is a major source of Vitamin C that helps to regulate the functioning of body as well as makes us strong enough to fight with the reasons of deficiency in the body.
There is a saying, “Excess of everything is harmful”. It is applicable in this case also. Excessive consumption of Corn Silk can result in reduction of potassium level in the blood that can lead to various skin diseases and allergies. Pregnant women as well as those who are breast feeding should have to take corn silk tea in moderate amount.
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