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Getting married is almost everyone’s fantasy. The people who are unmarried want to taste the sugar syrup of wed- lock. But those who are married, they get nostalgic about their single lives and regret upon their decision later. That’s how marriage is a big paradox of life. Let’s take it in another way. Diverting from the serious issues regarding wedding, we can find out something funny that will amuse both married and unmarried people.
Here are some of the funny facts about marriage that will make you Rofl.
1. 90% of married couples shout ‘What’ from the other room
It’s a fact that exists between every couple. Things actually change post marriage or few years after that. Instead of using the words like ‘Yes Baby’ or ‘Yes Darling’, one shouts ‘What’ (kyaaa) from the room to reply his/her partner.
2. The wedding ring is the smallest handcuffs ever made
Choose your prison mate wisely because the wedding rings are actually recognized as handcuffs, sometimes, immediately after getting engaged.
3. The real reason of heart attack might be the one when suddenly kids appear in bed at the middle of the night
Oops! That’s terrible when, in the middle of the night, the couple gets a shock to see the kids appearing suddenly in front of them in bed and they are like- ‘What to do now’. It’s indeed a real reason of heart attack.
4. Deciding to go on a workout next morning and that morning never witness our existence
‘Baby, you are getting fat. Yes, I know! You are also unfit Baby’. This is a common conversation that takes place between every married couple. One of them assures the other to go on a workout the other day but that day never comes up.
5. Sophistication is snubbed when one does break wind and other burps loudly
I think this might become a universal truth someday. It’s actually a truth. Before marriage, partners are so sophisticated that they restrain their natural bodily functioning with full confidence. They become conscious about the things that embarrass them. But after marriage, couple hardly cares about any sophistication and just goes on making break wind and loud burps.
6. Pleasing each other is impossible but pissing off is a ‘Piece of Cake’
When you are in a relationship or during your courtship period, the partners only focus on one thing i.e. how to please him/her. The major change takes place when after few years of marriage when to make your partner happy is just next to impossible as they expect something better than that. Instead, irritating (accidentally) him/her is far easier than anything else.
7. Expressing love goes like this, “Sugar is sweet, lemons are tart, you love me and I love you more than a unicorn fart”
Before marriage-“Roses are red, violets are blue, you love me, I love you”. After few years of marriage the expression goes like- “Sugar is sweet, lemons are tart, you love me and I love you more than a unicorn fart”. Like, seriously! I mean, the partner must deserve 100 lashes.
8. When the house is clean because internet was down
House is lucky and gets a beautiful look only when internet connections are down. Then there is nothing important to do for the couple (especially husbands). So, a person gets the idea washing and cleaning the house. It must be grateful to the broken internet server.
9. Marriage is the only injury where Haldi is applied before getting hurt
That’s a proven fact! As we all know that Haldi is an antiseptic. It heals the injuries quickly. So, applying it before marriage is useless, I guess. I shouldn’t say more. Ask people who are married. Lol
10. Before marriage you see happy couples all around. After marriage you see happy singles
It defines how your outlook towards things changes. Pre- marriage- “Aww, How cute is that couple”. Post marriage- “I wish I were single. How happy they look”.
11. Wife is cute when she is mute; Husband is honey when he is money
I think I don’t need to explain this one. You are intelligent enough to apprehend. :D
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