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Everyone is creative in one or the other way. The mental processes of a person lie in his interest factor. A good cook will do experiments and make something interesting and delicious or a painter will come up with the new ideas related to interesting topics of his own interest to reveal its true perspective through a master art. I, as a writer, will definitely feed my mind to enhance thought process so that it can extract out something that has never been created by anyone. You too, must have something inside that outstand you as a unique personality.
We must have witnessed many innovations by different creative people. But have you ever thought that the things you are using (that we basically overlook) in your day to day routine can ever be kept as antique pieces in your house? What about a Handsaw used by carpenter or a toilet cleaner brush or the tap you use to wash your hands? Tell me! Will you think about keeping these things as masterpieces at home? Certainly not! Isn’t it? But actually a French artist and sculptor Gilbert Legrand has made this possible by putting his imagination to reality. He has given the useful day to day items a unique shape that resembles humans and other living creatures. The characters that he has taken out from items are so much refined that you won’t be able to keep your eyes away from a single item for a long time.
Here are some of his creative items that might appear unusual but at the same time interesting to you.
1. Handsaw
Handsaw, as you know is a tool used by carpenter. But this artist has transformed it in 3 beautiful lady characters that are probably in dancing positions.
2. Cloth Hanger
This is a beautifully created artistic piece. A cloth hanger that we use only to hang our clothes is transformed into a mouse character that can surely be used as a show piece at home. It is so attractive that even kids would love it.
3. Bottle cleaner brush
This one is really unique. How can one think of modifying a bottle cleaner brush into a monkey figure? It’s uncommon as well as interesting too.
4. Wine glass
This wonderful creation can be thought of as the image of the artist himself. A person who is thinking deeply while walking clearly portrays an artist. And, the alteration of a wine glass into the thinking figure is really a great idea.
5. Water tap
Another creation that he has done is converting a simple water tap into a running girl figure. How beautifully he has extracted out the trouble on the face of the character is simply awesome.
6. Pliers
Pliers, you might have seen is also a tool used by carpenters. But this simple tool is transformed amazingly into a figure of a boy playing ball. The curves and the colors that he has used, gives it a magnificent look.
7. Scissors
This is an item that we use in day to day routine. We have only seen it in a normal design, may be in different colors but the way this artist has changed it into a loving couple is just surprising. Only a true artist can think of it in this way.
8. Spray bottle
This is surely interesting and amazing transformation which would definitely appeal the kids. It is in a shape of a rat. The handle to spray is transformed into teeth of the rat. The shape of the bottle is made just appropriate.
9. Zipper
The thing that is present in most of the daily used items is perfectly modified into a male figure. He has given only face impression to the zipper but it looks like a whole male figure.
10. Shoe Brush
How about a shoe polish brush to be kept as a show piece at home? Indeed possible! This man has made it a wonderful figure of an Egyptian man on the backside of the brush. The face expressions he has extracted out are near to real.
11. Paint brush
A cute piece of art having an image of a cat is simply amazing. The paint brush is converted into a lovable cat which is portrayed as innocent as a kid.
12. Cutlery
We probably can never thought of this. Fork, which we use to eat noodles or other snack, is transformed beautifully into a figure of a man playing piano. This is surely something that I am going to own if i’ll get it in the market.
Just Imagine! What if they only looked like this?
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