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Dogs are a source of limitless positivity. If you are not in love with dogs then believe me you are missing something so much you could ever imagine. And, if your dog does not love you then this is something more regretful than that. To maintain a good bond and friendship with your dog, it is important to understand its every gesture and body language. It gets difficult sometimes but there are certain minute clues that help you to understand your dog and its moods. This way, you will be able to meet his needs properly and both of you will be happier with your friendship.
Have you ever thought over the idea that how your dog feels when you say something? Whether it is able to understand you or not? Or, on the contrary, whether you understand every bit about your dog or not or, if you have ever realized how your dog expresses its aggression, sadness, excitement or happiness? There are actually so many things that the dog owners don’t understand about their dog. Your dog’s eyes, ears, muzzle, tails are the main indicators that show his emotional state and his body language also tells you what he wants to say or what mood he’s in. And this very thing affects the bond between the two.
Here we’re showing you 11 useful ways that will help you to understand how your dog expresses themselves through their body language:-
1. Tail Waging
If your dog wags his tail slowly that means he does not get any idea about what you are saying. He wants you to help him understand the situation. On the other hand, when he wags his tail rapidly, this means that he has understood everything that you just said. This also denotes his happy mood.
Sometimes the dog tucks the tail between his legs. This is an indication that he is scared of or uncomfortable with the situation or maybe he is afraid of the pain.
2. Eye contact
If your dog’s eyes are relaxed and bright, it shows that he is in a happy and playful mood. But he is feeling tensed or anxious then his eyes may appear larger than normal. He will make no eye contact rather it will be downcast or shifty gaze. It also indicates his fearful emotions depending upon the situations.
Sometimes, dog makes direct eye contact which means that they are getting aggressive or combative. Just remember, if you are meeting an unfamiliar dog, never make an eye contact with him.
3. Ears’ movement
Dog’s ear movement can also say a lot about him. If his ears are straight and inclined forward then it means that he wants to understand or listen to what is happening around him. He is curious to know about the whole situation. But, if his ears are straight up and inclines little backward then this means that he is in an aggressive mood.
On the contrary, if your dog has his ears down or flattened against the head, it shows that he is scared about the situation and doesn’t want to come forward. Sometimes, dogs put his one ear down, specially the left one. This is the way how dog reacts to unfamiliar people.
4. Yawning
Dogs basically yawn when they are tired enough, same as we do. But if your dog is yawning in the middle of the room or in a fresh surrounding, it might denote that he is nervous about something or he is expressing his inner tiredness. But sometimes, dogs yawn after you which show that your dog is really attached to you.
5. Head movement
Dog sometimes put his head on your knees. This shows that your dog wants you to pat him. Dogs want nothing but love. He wants your attention and needs your love. Stroking dogs on head or under the chin makes them feel loved and comfortable enough. If your dog touches your hand with his nose then it means that he wants you to pat him.
6. Licking his nose
When dog licks his nose again and again then it means that he is feeling some danger or he is pressurized about something. Also, it shows that he is relaxing down his potential aggression and trying to become calm.
7. Rolls over his body
Dogs generally roll over exposing their belly. If your dog is showing this gesture then believe me, he loves you and wants to please you. This also shows his great bond with you. Keep rubbing his belly and patting him. Dogs love this!
8. Showing his teeth without snarling
Dogs do this when they feel any hurdle towards something. They just try to protect their territory. They mainly make this gesture when they are going to eat food. We should never go near dogs when thety eat as they think that we might steal their food.
9. Front paw raised
When you dogs raise his front paw, it means that he wants to say something or ask you to do something. Maybe, he wants you to play with him or it is also an indication that he wants to go out to pee or poop. Dogs sometimes, raise their paw and touch your hand or knees to make you understand their situation. They look really adorable while showing such gestures.
10. Turning the back
Dog, sitting in front of you turning his back, shows that he loves you a lot and has full trust on you. He believes that you are his master and accepts the dominance. This shows that you have become a real friend of your pet.
11. Shaking the body
When dog shakes his body, he probably relieves his tension. This also indicates that he has met with some unpleasant stressful situation or unknown person or dog.
Of course, all dogs are different and have their own personality traits which make them different from each other. But some of the traits are common in all dogs. Do consider these body languages of the dog. When you will understand your dog, your relationship with him becomes stronger and more effortless.
Have soft corner for Dogs. They are really treasures.
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