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Nothing can beat the excitement and fun of long drives during monsoon season. Enjoying the wet showers of the rain, while rolling down the glass of the car window is something that is incomparable. The hot Chai and snacks on the way takes your fun-loving drive to another level. However, driving a car during rain needs so much cautiousness and good judgment skills to avoid any mishappening on road. Especially, in our country where there are extreme weather conditions and problematic road infrastructures, one has to be attentive while driving.
Here are some safety measures that must be followed to avert any unseen dangers during monsoon.
1. Checking Tyres
The first and foremost caution to take before going to a drive during rain is to check the tyres of your car. The tyre pressure should be maintained as recommended by the mechanic. If it is over pressured or under pressured, it can glide over the water due to excessive rain, causing accident. So you just need to check whether the tyre pressure is appropriate or not.
2. Checking the Wipers
This is the most important thing to be taken into consideration while driving on rainy day. You need to ensure if the wiper of the car is working in a proper way. The worn out rubbers on the wiper blade not only pop up the problem of cleaning front mirror but will also leave permanent scratches on it. You need to check the washer fluid level and do refill it when needed.
3. Leave early
On a rainy day, it’s advisable to leave the home as early as possible, as you can stuck in the traffic on roads. Driving fast can be dangerous for you as well as the other people, especially, who are on two- wheelers. Moreover, if you are not in a hurry to go out then you should wait till the weather gets better.
4. Usage of Headlights
During rain, it is necessary to switch on the headlights as the visibility on the roads gets very low due to bad weather conditions. To make everything vivid, make use of headlights or dippers. It also helps others to make a clear judgment about presence of your vehicle ahead.
5. Keep proper distance
It is wise enough to keep a safe distance between the vehicles. Due to excessive rain, there is a high probability of pressing the break peddle, sometimes, all of a sudden and this emergency break can lead to skidding of a vehicle. So, keeping a safe distance is better than driving rash.
6. Keep eyes on turns
It is important to be conscious about the turns which come on the way. Major roads accidents happen when we take a fast turn on wet roads, resulting the car to skid badly. It is also necessary to slow down your car even if you don’t have to take a turn. During rain, it gets difficult to have a proper view of things outside. So, better be slow while taking turns.
7. Road paths
You should drive along the centre of the road during rain. Also, preferably follow the vehicle ahead. Avoid driving on the mud road tracks as it can cause your vehicle to get stuck in the broken pits. You need to be very attentive about the broken roads because due to the water filled in pits, the vehicle can even lose its balance. Also park your car in open away from trees as there is a high chance of electrocution during lightening. This can cause a serious damage to your vehicle.
Who doesn’t love monsoon rains? Surely, everyone does. But we need to be careful about things too, because –‘Life is precious’. So, do enjoy but with full Precaution.
Take Care and Enjoy The Rain!
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