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There is a saying- “Our Inventions mirror our secret wishes”. Everyone has a primary drive that forces him to create something novel. Some manages to create, some are unable to. It all depends upon the interest a person is having in a particular aspect or field. We can assume that some people are gifted as well as creative enough to transform a normal thing into a genius invention. There are some extraordinary people out there who have used their foresight to bring out the amazing things that are indeed useful in daily life.
Here are some mind-blowing inventions that will make you sweep you off your feet:-
1. Water Filter Straw
This is a life straw that is invented to reduce the diseases in poor or developing countries where people still don’t use water purifiers. It is also made keeping in mind the tribal community that drinks water from the ponds and rivers that are actually contaminated with microbilogical contamination. This straw filters out all the bad bacteria which lead to a safe access to drinking water.
2. Kite patch
This is a small mosquito patch that prevents mosquitoes to reach you. When you attach this patch to your clothes, the mosquito loses its ability to smell your exhaled carbon dioxide which enables you to get invisible for the mosquitoes. This works for about 48hours and helps to keep you away from the diseases like Malaria, Dengue fever, etc.
3. Electricity Generating Soccer Ball
This new invention is obviously an energy boosting as well as energy generating device. The Soccer ball while playing gets charged, which gives a benefit of power of 3 LED lights. So, giving one soccer ball to a child to play makes a great difference.
4. Water Purifier Book
This is really a brilliant invention, one has made. It is known as a drinkable book having instructions about clean water written on it. When water runs through page of the book, it purifies up to 99.9%. Once a page of the book is torn out, it can be used multiple times as a filter, may be for at least 30 days.
5. Invisible Helmet
Most of us have a habit of not wearing helmet as we don’t like to carry it and ignore its benefits. But here’s a new invention that would make your life easy. This Helmet is designed by two Swedish students. ‘Hovding’ is a neck collar that looks like a collar of a jacket, inflates into an airbag at the time of accident. This airbag prevents one from the head injury that an accident can cause.
6. Biobus
This is an invention by GENeco, a waste treatment company. It has come up with a great invention of using the purified wastes as fuel for the bus. The first biobus has recently introduced in United States that shuttles passengers back and forth daily from Bristol Airport.
7. Disposable Cardboard Phone Batteries
This is a new invention for phones which is the most prime need of an individual. These cardboard phone batteries can charge your phone fully without any hindrance. It comes in three sizes that work for two, four and six hours. Once used, it can also be recycled.
8. Edible Water Bottle
This is an invention which is a complete alternative to the plastic bottles we use in our day to day life. ‘Ooho’ is a new kind of packaging made from the seaweed and transformed into an algae-based gel. These are basically H2O based orbs that will surely going to replace the harmful plastic bottles.
We hope to encounter some more interesting inventions in the coming years that would make the world a better place to live in.
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