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Have you ever imagined chatting on whatsapp without Emojis? Seems so dull! Isn’t it? We love to use them in our whatsapp chats. These smiles are so embedded in our chat habits that we can’t even think of avoiding them while sending messages to our loved ones. Whether, it is a message of anger, distress, happiness or excitement, it always satisfies us in a sense that we have rightly conveyed our message along with our feelings attached to it. It actually adds spice to our whatsapp chats.
But does the Emoji you use really means what you think it means? Thinking…?
Studies have found that most of the Emojis interpretations can vary significantly. The reason could be that the Emojis are displayed differently across different devices and operating systems and the meaning can vary accordingly. But I feel, many of us sometimes, unknowingly misinterprets these Emojis and when we come to know about their real meaning, it makes us feel silly.
Here are some Emojis with the correct interpretations:
1. Red Mask
This Emoji basically represents the sign of anger. It is appropriate for the emotions when one gets mad about something and his face turns red due to anger. It is actually originated from a Japanese creature named Namahage, who is famous character in the Japanese folklore.
2. Women with Bunny ears
We mostly misinterpret this Emoji as dancing girls. We use this smiley in a conversation about hanging out with friends. But what it means is pretty surprising. Since, it is inspired by a costume called Bunny Dress in Japan for teasing men; it shows the signs of flirtiness and seduction.
3. The Poop emoji
This Emoji represents the nasty thing and the one that stinks. But surprisingly, this emoji is a sign of good luck. Yes! Poop in Japan means good luck. If someone dreams of having poop in his hands then it is a sign of getting a lot of money in future.
4. Construction worker
This Emoji is misinterpreted as a person who works in some hospital as the green sign on the helmet carries the impression of hospital workers. However, this Emoji represents construction workers. The people in japan who construct buildings, wear these helmet having the same green plus sign on it.
5. The name badge
This Emoji represents the badge that one uses besides his name to introduce himself in group chat or in personal messages where one meets the other person for the first time. But this is mainly misinterpreted as the fire flower.
6. The OK Emoji
Many people take this Emoji as a girl standing in a belly dance position or it is also mistaken as a girl who makes a mistake, unknowingly. But this smiley actually signifies the girl saying OK because of the gestures of her hand.
7. The Soshinsha Mark
This is not any flag of any country. People often misinterpret it as a national symbol of some nation. The real meaning behind this Emoji is that it is a mark that is basically used by new drivers in Japan. After getting driving license, the new drivers are required to paste this mark behind their cars so that everyone gets to know that the person has recently learnt to drive.
8. The sleepy face
This Emoji is basically imagined as a sign of extreme level of despair for some reason. But certainly, this Emoji represents the tiredness or loss of sleep or when one’s tear is rolled down over his cheek while sleeping. Those tear usually known as a Snot Bubble in Japan.
9. Information Desk Person
This smiley basically represents the person who provides information about something or who acts as a concierge from whom we can collect information regarding something. But most of us misinterpret it as a girl, denoting her feeling of ultimate sassiness.
10. Open Hand Sign
This Emoji is basically used as to represent hug or it is also recognized as a gesture to say Stop. But in reality this sign shows the feeling of openness and honesty.
I hope it has helped you a lot using your Emojis correctly.
Enjoy playing with Emojis
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