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As we can see, most of the people in India are vegans. The SRS survey reveals that 71% of the population in India is non vegetarian and 28.85% is vegetarian. The reason behind it can be the religious beliefs, family pressures, or person’s own conscience that doesn’t allow one to eat non vegetarian food. The problem arises when these vegans have to take medicines that contain animal contents. Like, there are medicines related to breast cancer that consists of fish oil. A vegetarian, when looks at the red logo on the medicine wrapper feel disgusting while eating it. Being a vegan, I can understand their emotions. But one has to take medicine, there is no other choice left with him.
But now, this choice has a little hope to change into reality soon. Vegetarian tablets and capsules might be coming in the market soon. The Union Health ministry has formed a committee where Nadda and other members have discussed about replacing the gelatin-capsules with vegetarian capsules that are mainly plant-based. This representation has been passed on to the health ministry to make it possible.
Some people from Jain community have also requested to make vegetarian medicines as they hurt their emotions related to their religion. Moreover, now we have to make some more novel inventions, keeping in mind the sentiments of different people of Indian community.
Also, these plant-based medicines will be easily digestible and would not harm the body with severe side- effects.
We, specially the vegetarians are eagerly waiting for these pure veg medicines. Then, it would become easy to consume without a feeling of hesitation and disgust.
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