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No two individuals are alike. Human beings are a bunch of interesting facts that shows what they are and how they behave in different places and among different people. Some people are calm and composed, kind and polite, simple and straightforward but others totally vary in every aspect. There are some people who keep themselves at the top of everything or over exaggerate themselves and make others feel as they all are entitled to listen to their irrelevant and snobbish talks. Here are some snobbish personalities that are surely going to infuriate and at the same time amuse you.
1. Food Snobs
When your colleague says, “what is there in the lunch today? Oh! So plain. I don’t like this. I like going to restaurants especially Chinese ones.” That’s really irritating!
2. Fashion Snobs
There are people who are actually crazy about fashion stuffs. Though, they are totally unaware of a good fashion sense, yet they are so sure that they check you up fully and judge you upon your wardrobe.
3. Music Snobs
There is a section of people who have least knowledge of music. When asked by their fellows, if they like Hindi music, they confidently say, “Hindi, No no, Not my Cup Of Tea! I only like English Songs.” Now tell me, how to handle these people?
4. Book Snobs
Those who love to read books related to certain genre, feel interesting to read books of different authors. When asked to a snob, he says, “I only go for Booker prize winners.” I mean, how lame that is!
5. Money Snobs
Money snobs are always near us. People, who have a habit of flaunting about expensive things and bank balance, actually posses nothing. They are the real snobs, one should always be aware about. For Instance, when they are asked about their holiday plans, they will always name famous places like Paris, Australia, Switzerland, etc. They will say,” Ah! You must have not been to that place before, aren’t you?”
So, I am sure you are going to look around and find the snobs that surround you. Try not to get annoyed rather enjoy their talks.
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