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Good news for every would-be-bride. Now you can enrol yourself to a course where you can learn how to cry when you will leave your parent's house after marriage.
I know it sounds crazy that you have to learn about an emotion which comes naturally. I was surprised too. But you know the logo of a brand that an idea can change everything. Maybe this one inspired Radhika Rahi, who lives in Bhopal to do something unique.
Yes, she started an institute in Bhopal with a course named ‘crash courses for – wait for it- brides on how to cry at ‘vidaai’.
If you’re a going to be a bride soon and wondering about that moment when you have to leave your own house forever then get admission in this course and learn how to control the emotional situation.
The idea came to her mind when she visited a wedding ceremony and witnessed something funny. Radhika said, “The bride wasn’t able to cry, but when she was insisted a little, she started crying so vehemently. It was a lot of overacting, and the scene was very funny to watch. Almost everyone present there had trouble controlling their laughter!”
Not only the bride, her friends, relatives and all her family members …in short any person who wants to cry when the bride will leave her home can enlist their name for this course.
Hope this course will teach how to cry without ruining your makeup!
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