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Most of us belong to some or the other WhatsApp group created by and for our family near and dear ones. Most of the times these are flooded with photos of Gods and Goddesses, Birthday wishes or simple hi and hellos between each other.
Then there are the gems which I would like to call Irritatingly Stupid Ignorant Sexist jokes (ISIS). And you guesses it right, these ISIS are always about women and especially about wives.
Uncles and cousins share these jokes every now and then and the other send the smiling emojis and the thumbs up. It is weird how they get all defensive when someone points out that these jokes are not only not funny but they are vile and dangerous.
Yeah, vile because they make utterly no sense at all. It clearly shows that people who write these jokes respect nobody. And dangerous because in a way the elders are perpetrating patriarchy and teaching the young adults that it is okay to make fun of their wives and mothers in the most vilest manner possible.
The most common defense to this is that “oh common, we respect women. it's just a joke”. No it's not! And even if you think it is, they are not funny. We need to realise that these are instances where you are inculcating sexism onto your next generation.
So Uncles and Brothers, please take heed of it. Stop sharing the dumb jokes.
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